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As I begin the second year of my project I figured it would be a good time to make a quick visual summary of my research, so far. I mostly spent this first year trying to distill my object of study (comics) in its fundamental components and read broadly on these related fields: science visualization, narrative and metaphor research.

The plan now is to start doing some experiments and investigate the role of each component in visual narratives about science. In other news: I'm going to draw some comics. These are not going to be publicly available for a while, but since it takes me time and effort to draw them they may as well be as useful as possible. So I want to ask YOU - both readers and science communicators - which science topics you are currently interested in, and which ones you think would benefit from more coverage.

If you want to help, please fill in the survey at the following link (it's completely anonymous and only takes 2-3 minutes):